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Hawksbill Hero and the Parrotfish Reef

Hero, the hawksbill turtle is in a race against time to save her home reef. She goes on a journey to find parrotfish to help her. Along the way, Hero meets new friends and learns about why parrotfish are so important to the coral reef. Join her on her journey to save Rainbow Reef!






A note from the author:

I wrote the children’s story “Hawksbill Hero and the Parrotfish Reef” with the aim to creatively education kids on the threats that face our coral reefs, primarily focusing on the loss of herbivores like the parrotfish. I love inspiring kids to want to make a difference and what better way to do that than through a fun story and interactive characters that the kids can relate to! In the story, Hero the Hawksbill turtle is faced with a difficult challenge. She learns that her home reef is under threat because the parrotfish have disappeared. She then goes on a long journey to find parrotfish to come back and help her to save the reef by eating the algae that has overgrown.

An Ocean Storytelling Showcase submission by Louisa Sax

Hawksbill Hero Cover.jpg
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