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Tales For Gaia and Ocean Bridge Present:

Ocean Storytelling


To celebrate a year of working together with Ocean Bridge, we wanted to announce a very special contest to celebrate YOU: the Ocean Storytelling Contest! Got a comic idea? Maybe a water-themed short story concept? Always wanted to photograph your local lake?  Submissions can feature any form of storytelling and any type of waterway.


And the best part is, EVERYONE who submits to our contest will get a special personalized gift from the Tales For Gaia team, AND one entry into our random prize draw at the end of the month! Our team is hand-selecting a curated collection of Tales For Gaia approved prizes to help you tell your ocean stories. 


So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired and get creative! And remember, the ocean needs more storytellers, the next one is you!


Check out our submission guidelines below...

Tales For Gaia is launching a virtual showcase of stories created by youth across Canada that demonstrate unique ways to combine ocean science and storytelling. This is how we create all our work here at Tales For Gaia, and this month we want to challenge YOU to create something of your own. Let’s break down what we are looking for:




OCEAN SCIENCE: Your creation needs to incorporate an element of ocean literacy and/or ocean conservation. This can include any type of waterway: oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, you name it! Find a topic, conversation, research study, fact or anything you can think of that would help inform/educate others.    


STORYTELLING: Anything goes! We think creativity has no limits and the virtual gallery will accept any form of storytelling. If you’re feeling stuck, we use six different categories to tell our tales: Comics, Artwork, Photo-Journal, Creative Writing, DIY, or Videos. Be sure to check out our website for more inspiration. 

To enter, e-mail your submission to Please include a 100-word description about why you believe it is important to combine ocean science and storytelling, and any description about your tale you would like to include.

The contest is now closed. Check out all our amazing submissions in our tales here!

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